Things That Happened While Everyone Was Obsessing On Weinergate

Other things happened, but you'd never know it to watch the majority of prime-time cable shows this week. So I thought a quick review might be in order.

Things that make me want to stomp my feet in frustration

  • White House contemplates payroll tax holiday for employers. Why does this set off my inner 2-year old? Because it increases the deficit by yet again giving tax cuts to companies who are actually holding this recovery hostage while they hold their breath and turn blue to bankrupt this country and drive us into a hole we might never recover from at all. Someone please explain to me how this works to create jobs? And what part of the trillions these companies are sitting on can't be used to create them now?
  • Rick Perry still thinking about running for the 2012 GOP nomination. The idea of a guy who actively spoke in favor of secession generating "excitement" for the GOP nomination? Ugh. Stomp, stomp, stomp.

Things that make me want to cheer

What we should not ignore

The debt ceiling is still a very real problem. Fitch Ratings warned this week on concerns that it might not be raised. Someone needs to tell these Republicans not to play around anymore and get this done before there really is a collapse in the markets. Also, I'd appreciate it if, at all possible, some folks in the mainstream could possibly frame this issue as an issue concerning our ability to pay debts. Anyone who votes against raising the debt ceiling is saying, in effect, that the United States does not have the ability to make payments on the obligations it has. Do Republicans really want that? Where is their "American exceptionalism" cry?


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