Occupy Homes: The Future Of OWS And Community Solidarity

For the past two years, New York Communities for Change members have seen firsthand the damage that the foreclosure crisis has caused in our communities. Together we’ve watched vacant, boarded-up houses pop up on block after block in Southeast Queens and parts of Brooklyn. We’ve stood with homeowners as they told their stories about sending document after document to their banks in hopes of getting a mortgage modification, only to have the bank lose those documents time and time again...

Occupy's A**hole Problem: Flashbacks From An Old Hippie

Guest Editorial by Sara Robinson, Senior Fellow, Campaign for America’s Future I wish I could say that the problems that the Occupy movement is having with infiltrators and agitators are new. But they’re not. In fact, they’re problems that the Old Hippies who survived the 60s and 70s remember acutely, and with considerable pain.

Emerging Money-Media Complex Spells Danger Ahead

Before the midterms, digby wrote this prophetic afterthought at the end of one of her posts: But then these news outlets are all making huge profits from the right wing buy out of our democracy, so maybe it's just the price of doing business.