Cheryl Casone

Cashin' In Regular Jonathan Hoenig Suggests Eliminating Medicare And Medicaid

Anyone who frequents this blog even if you don't watch Fox at all, knows how terrible a lot of their "business block" coverage is on Saturday mornings because I try to make a habit of posting at least some of it when I've got the stomach for or the time to watch any of it. This was another typically horrid segment with Cashin' In host Cheryl Casone opening up the show by saying there is a "new debate" over whether spending on "entitlements" are "doing damage to America."

Fox's Cashin' In Panel Attacks Food Stamp Recipients

Our friends over at News Hounds flagged this segment from Saturday's Cashin' In on Fox News and par for the course on that show, they opened it up with attacking the poor and those suffering from the economic consequences of the recession and were

Cashin' In Panelists Advocate For Eliminating The Minimum Wage

From part of Fox's "business block" on Saturday mornings, Cashin' In, the topic for discussion was whether or not eight states raising their minimum wage on January 1st is going to help or harm the economy. Naturally a couple of the panelists, Tracy

Cashin' In Panel Attacks Government Workers As Being Overpaid

Here we go again. Whether it's bashing the long term unemployed as lazy, wanting to replace government workers with welfare recipients, calling for getting rid of Social Security, or comparing those who receive food stamps to crack cocaine addicts,