OFA, Fundraising And Money In Politics

For the three decades plus that I have been in politics, I have been a passionate advocate of the clean money agenda, especially public financing of campaigns and the overturning of one of the worst decisions in Supreme Court history, Citizens United. Multiple times over the years I have been a consultant on money in politics campaigns, and have always considered it a very high priority. As someone who has done high level fundraising for many different Presidential, Senate, and House campaigns, and has been involved in a great many policy battles where I was fighting the power of big money special interests, I know well the large and pernicious power of big money in politics. No cause should do more to unite the progressive movement than doing something serious about money in politics. There’s a new money in politics issue, though, that is splitting progressives right down the middle.

OFA Agrees To Large Fine For 2008 FEC Violations

After an extensive audit of Obama for America's 2008 campaign disclosures, the FEC and OFA have agreed to settle the specific complaints with a $375,000 fine, one of the largest in campaign finance history. The RNC released the settlement

OFA's Final Phase: Massive GOTV Operation

Ohio community volunteers for OFAI'm writing this while on a conference call with OFA. As I glance up from the screen and out of my front room window, three young OFA volunteers are canvassing our neighborhood, knocking on doors cheerfully and

Romney Etch-a-Sketches OFA's Ohio Early Voting Lawsuit

It isn't that the Romney campaign just outright lied about what the Obama campaign is doing in their Ohio lawsuit over limitations on early voting. That's to be expected from a campaign that speaks Lie as its primary language. No, what's so