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NFL Apologizes For Flagging Husain Abdullah's Prayer Celebration

NFL Apologizes For Flagging Husain Abdullah's Prayer Celebration

(Veooz) More negative attention descended upon the National Football League Monday night when Kansas City Chiefs' safety Husain Abdullah was penalized for sliding across the field and praying in a prostrate position after he scored a touchdown. (Video clip by TSN)

Police Evict Occupy Kansas

Police have cleared out the Occupy Kansas City encampment that went up last October in Penn Valley Park near the Liberty Memorial. Officers brought a SWAT team to along for fFriday's eviction, but the removal was peaceful and no force was

Predatory Payday Lenders Threatening Churches In Missouri

Payday lending is just a gentle term for loan sharking. Payday lenders give signature loans to people against future paychecks, locking them in with incredibly high interest rates. Missouri's laws are some of the most lax on the books. According

Romney Steel Mill Bailed Out By Feds After Bankruptcy

Mitt Romney says that he's the man to fix our nation's ailing economy because of his extensive business skills. Well, he is a wealthy member of the 1 percent, however, he has not always been much of a success. Actually, one Kansas City company in that Romney purchased a majority share was bankrupt within a decade. Also, your tax dollars likely helped hand Romney a nice bail out.

Teen Who Tweeted About Brownback Won't Apologize To Kansas Governor--UPDATED With BROWNBACK APOLOGY!

As Karoli noted, it seems tweeting about Kansas Governor Sam Brownback gets you a trip to the principal's office if the governor's staff happen to be reading your remarks and don't like them. As NBC action news reported earlier last week, eighteen-year-old Emma Sullivan had not yet decided if she was going to issue the requested apology to the governor's office. The good news is, it appears she has now made her decision and the answer is no.