Gabrielle Giffords

Assault Rifle Found In Car Of Suspected Phoenix Shooter

Investigators in Arizona on Thursday reportedly recovered a military-style assault rifle in a vehicle rented by a man who they suspect of killing one person and wounding two others at an office building in Phoenix on Wednesday. Mesa police

Blaming Movies And Video Games For Gun Violence

Bob Cesca points to this interview Chris Christie gave about gun control. Christie was asked about specific gun control measures, and instead talked about violent video games. “We don’t allow those games into our house…we think it

Gingrich Rips Rove For Joking About Murdering Akin

Former Republican presidential candidate New Gingrich lashed out Karl Rove on Sunday over the suggestion that Rep. Todd Akin (R-MO) could be murdered to prevent Republicans from losing the Senate race in Missouri. During a Thursday fundraiser

NRA Claims 'Massive Obama Conspiracy' Not To Ban Guns

You just can't please some people. In the eyes of National Rifle Association (NRA) executive vice president Wayne LaPierre, President Barack Obama's decision not to pursue gun control legislation is a "massive conspiracy," and just another reason