Social safety net

Baby Boomers Take Huge Hit On 401k Plans. Now What?

I've spent the better part of my career administering retirement plans, and have seen with my own eyes what Atrios observes in this article for USAToday: Over the past few decades, employees fortunate enough to have employer-based retirement

Hey, Tom Brokaw! Does 'Universal' Mean Anything To You?

Tom Brokaw has no excuse for his stupidity on Meet the Press Sunday. None. He's old enough to know better, but evidently he's so full of right wing tropes that he's forgotten the purpose of Social Security and why it is structured the way it is,

Paul Ryan Forgets His Own Past, Bashes 'Dependency Culture'

Paul Ryan gave a speech yesterday. About poverty. That's right, the guy who blasted his way into a soup kitchen so he could wash clean pans and give the illusion that he cares about hungry people stood up on a stage and gave a speech so he could