Report Rips Police Response To Occupy Oakland

Shorter version? Nothing new here, the actual report hasn't been released to the public, and the recommendations for the Oakland Police Department might get done someday, if they get the money, and if they get the time. Correct me if I'm

Responding To Erick Erickson's 'We Are The 53%"

So professional kvetcher Erick Erickson has a new project up called "We are the 53%" that purports to speak on behalf of the 53 percent of Americans who pay federal income tax. As per usual with these sorts of things, Erickson fails to note that

Mike Stark Punks Rush Limbaugh

(h/t PoliticsUSA) Mike Stark somehow managed to get on Rush Limbaugh's radio show yesterday. After confronting Limbaugh with Reagan's actual "accomplishments", Stark asked how on earth Limbaugh and conservatives could possibly support Reagan.