#Jan 25

The Empire’s Bagman

A portion of Amy Goodman's interview with Prof. Vijay Prashad, giving background on Obama's Special Envoy to Egypt Frank Wisner who over the weekend said Mubarak should stay. A decidedly off-script moment for the administration, who quickly distanced

Mubarak Is High

The folks at <a href="http://www.kharabeesh.com">Kharabeesh.com</a> have a simple explanation for Hosni Mubarak's intransigence: he's very high.

Mona Fights The Muslim Stereotypes

Bill Maher tried out his best Bill O'Reilly impersonation last night with guest Mona Eltahawy, Egyptian-born journalist and a leading advocate for the current uprising.

Violence Escalates In Cairo Square

Some early reporting from Al Jazeera after the violence overnight in Cairo. Violence escalates in Cairo square : Bursts of heavy gunfire aimed at anti-government demonstrators in Cairo's Tahrir Square, left at least five people dead and

Mona Seif, Egyptian Activist From Inside Tahrir Square

An Egyptian woman gives her graphic firsthand account of the violence unleashed by Mubarak's regime. <a href="http://jilliancyork.com/">Jillian York</a> supplies us with a partial transcript of Mona Seif's horrifying ordeal.

Egyptians Ready For Tomorrow

Though Egypt has had its Internet services shut down for nearly a week Egyptians are still finding ingenious ways to get their message out.

"Muslim, Christian, We Are All Egyptian!"

<em> Democracy Now!</em> senior producer Sharif Abdel Kouddous is in Egypt and shares his thoughts on what he's seen there, the transformation of a country he once knew.