C&L's Late Nite Music Club With Eminem

C&L's Late Nite Music Club With Eminem

In the space of a single weekend, Eminem has dispelled many doubts on whether he would make a fist of his comeback. Eminem played career-spanning sets at Britain’s Reading and Leeds Festivals, traditionally a rock-themed event. And he used the platform of the MTV VMAs broadcast to announce his new album...

Fox News: 'The Polar Bears Are Doing Just Fine'

The folks at Fox News say that a written by a fire fighter in a Canadian town known as the "Polar Bear Capital of the World" is proof that "the polar bears are doing just fine." However, years of extensive research by scientists shows that many areas populated by polar bears are in decline...

#RiseUpNY: July 24 Day Of Action For Low Wage Workers

Where: Union Square, NYC When: Meet Up at 5PM More info: RSVP on Facebook Fight for better jobs, better wages, and the rights of all workers! Across New York, our livelihoods are under attack. After years of massive

GMOS: The New Slavery

Throughout human history, seeds have been treated as a common human inheritance. This sacred and vital means of survival and biodiversity, however, is today being systematically eradicated and privatized. Massive agro-chemical companies like Monsanto (Agent Orange) and Dow (Napalm) are feeding us genetically modified organisms (GMOs) that have never been fully tested and aren't labeled in the United States, where they grow on over 70% of our farmland...

Rachel Maddow: What Survival Looks Like

This video, shot in real time as the tsunami rolled into Sendai, is amazing. There's not much to add to it other than amazement that anyone had the presence of mind to keep the video on while running from a wall of water. If you don't get chills