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Daily Caller Sends 16-Year-Old To Troll Jay Carney During Press Briefing

Just when you think there aren't any new lows to sink to for Tucker Carlson and his rag, The Daily Caller, well... think again. This Wednesday they sent a 16-year-old intern to question the White House about whether the President of the United States was providing protection to George Zimmerman and his family.

Swanson Heir Carlson Accuses President Obama Of Acting Like Royalty For Needing Food Taster

I have no idea whether the death threats against our first black president have been bad enough that the Secret Service actually has decided to employ a food taster to make sure that he isn't poisoned, but as Tommy Christopher pointed out, if it is true, he wouldn't be the first. That didn't stop the likes of Swanson heir Tucker Carlson and his rag, The Daily Caller, along with every other right-winger on the Internet from going crazy and using it as an excuse to attack President Obama for acting like "royalty."