Mark Block

Herman Cain And Mark Block: The Blocktopus

The Center for Media and Democracy has the whole story on Herman Cain's smoking campaign dude, Mark Block. For a guy who claims to be savvy about business, Cain sure did hire a sleaze to run his campaign. Here are some of Block's prior

The Artist Known As Herman Cain's Koch Brother Ties

Following up on her reporting from last week where Rachel Maddow called Herman Cain a "performance artist and "the practical joke no one is getting", Maddow took us for a little walk down memory lane on the scandal ridden Tim Phillips, Jack Abramoff, Ralph Reed and Grover Norquist who all have ties to the Koch brothers and Herman Cain's campaign manager, Mark Block.

Cain: Smoking 'Dangerous' And 'Not A Cool Thing'

CBS host Bob Schieffer scolded Republican presidential candidate Herman Cain Sunday for an online ad that prominently features his top advisor smoking a cigarette. Cain explained that while he doesn't personally smoke, he didn't have a problem

Herman Cain Adviser: Campaign 'Resonating' With Smokers

Herman Cain's senior adviser says that a new campaign ad isn't encouraging anyone to take up smoking, but the campaign is "resonating" with nicotine fans. The image of chief of staff Mark Block smoking in a recent campaign ad has quickly