May Day Violence In Seattle

Watch: An otherwise peaceful day of protest was marred by a spate of violence at a Seattle May Day protest. Video: Protesters dressed in "Black-Bloc" clothing smashed windows on Capitol Hill, bottles were thrown at police officers who in turn used pepper spray, and blast balls -- a small firework-like device that creates a flash and a modest dose of pepper spray when they would not disperse.

An Occupied West Side Story

In the wake of Occupy Broadway's success and the failure of "The Big Bank" musical initiative comes the screaming-to-go-viral "Occupy West Side Story." Though perhaps less ambitious than its predecessors, this hilarious clip takes aim at

'Pepper Spray' Cop Loses His Job

Nine months and $76,000 later, the UC Davis officer accused of pepper spraying student protesters in November no longer works on the police force. Lt. John Pike and another officer were caught on cell phone video using pepper spray

May 1st Occupy Wall Street Video Round-up Part One

Occupy Seattle attacked and pepper sprayed by the Police May 1st: Occupy Seattle protestors were at the city's Terminal 18 port when, according to many witnesses, the cops formed a line with horses and bikes and started hitting the crowd