Chris Kyle

Sarah Palin: God Bless Our Snipers!

Sarah Palin: God Bless Our Snipers!

Kyle, the subject of the Hollywood blockbuster, was a Navy SEAL who served as a sniper and wrote an autobiography with the same title as the movie: "American Sniper."

Fallen SEAL Sniper Chris Kyle Believed He Was Fighting A Religious War

There's a fascinating new piece in the <em>New Yorker</em> about Chris Kyle, the decorated Navy SEAL sniper who was tragically killed by a fellow veteran <a href="">on a Texas shooting range.</a> Kyle, if you recall, was a <a href="">best-selling author,</a> was on a reality show with Todd Palin (and did a stint as Sarah Palin's bodyguard) and after his death, was mourned <a href="">as a hero.</a>

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