Vulture Capitalism

Culture Of Vultures! Absurdity Today: Episode 30

The latest episode of Absurdity Today, the independent news parody series hosted by political satirist Julianna Forlano, covers Hostess selling its assets, vulture capitalism's reign of terror against Americans, the creeping surveillance state, the

Hartmann: How Ronald Reagan Killed The American Dream

From The Thom Hartmann Show -- How Ronald Reagan killed the American Dream: Thom Hartmann rants about the policies of Ronald Reagan that allowed large corporations like Mitt Romney's Bain Capital to turn the American Dream into a nightmare

Axelrod Hits Back At Carping Over Priorities USA Bain Ad

As Dave Johnson at Campaign for America's Future noted last week, even though Mitt Romney's been running nothing but one dishonest campaign ad after another since announcing his recent run for president, the media has finally found a campaign ad

Romney Claims People Just Want To Demonize Success

Mitt and Ann Romney appeared on Piers Morgan's show this Thursday evening and when asked about his time at Bain Capital, Romney's response was to claim that people just want to demonize "success," or in other words, those people who are jealous

Coulter: Romney Has A Midas Touch With Everything He's Done

From ABC's This Week, after formally attacking Mitt Romney and saying if the Republicans nominate him, they're going to lose, Ann Coulter now says "Romney has had a Midas touch with everything he's done." I would imagine some of his investors might