Coulter: Romney Has A Midas Touch With Everything He's Done


From ABC's This Week, after formally attacking Mitt Romney and saying if the Republicans nominate him, they're going to lose, Ann Coulter now says "Romney has had a Midas touch with everything he's done." I would imagine some of his investors might have felt that way. Not so much if you were unfortunate enough to work at one of the companies his firm took over.

COULTER: It's not just that I was magnificent at Bain and I should be president; it's that Romney has had a Midas touch with everything he's done.

RENDELL: Massachusetts?

COULTER: Hang on. You keep interpreting me. This is going to get through. First of all, yes, as governor of Massachusetts, with an 85 percent Democratic legislature, he -- he slashed spending, which is what our federal government needs.

STEPHANOPOULOS: But you didn't like his health care plan in Massachusetts.

RENDELL: Great health care plan.

COULTER: Then, at Bain -- I mean, about, what 75 percent, 80 percent of the businesses that were going to bankrupt, he does turn around. He's a green eyeshade kind of guy. He will do what no president, not even Ronald Reagan, has ever done, and that is go through the budget and cut the spending. And there's a lot to be cut.

And the Olympics, which was also going bankrupt and is an enormous business. And the Midas touch man comes in and turns around this nearly bankrupt institution. It is not just Bain. It is everything he touches.

And these ads are unfair because -- and they keep changing, to my notice.

Because, if you look at what he's actually done and who's talking here, they're always the president of the union that shut down a plant in a business that was going out of -- bankrupt.

I'm not so sure the people who lived in Massachusetts would agree with her either.

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