Judge: Former ACORN Worker May Sue Right-Wing Criminal

A federal judge has refused to throw out a request from James O’Keefe, who infamously and secretly filmed an ACORN worker while pretending to be a pimp. The selectively-edited video, typical of O’Keefe’s punk hackery, ultimately led to the defunding of ACORN by Congress and its subsequent bankruptcy.

Colbert: Rush Limbaugh Is A Prostitute Who Will Do Anything With His Mouth For Cash

Stephen Colbert had a field day with Rush Limbaugh and his advertisers dropping one by one after making the horrible nasty remarks about Sandra Fluke on his radio show over the course of three days. I liked his little montage of Limbaugh's offensive remarks that he did not feel the need to apologize for since it laid bare just how hollow that apology was, and the "takes one to know one" comment as far as just who exactly is a prostitute here, since Limbaugh only "apologized" once it looked like it might start costing him money.