700 Club

Another Edition Of Pat Robertson's 'Blame The Woman' Game

Pat Robertson is giving out marital advice, again. Along with his co-host Kristi Watts, Robertson has this to say to 17-year-old Maxim, who says his father "spends too much time at the computer playing a war game" instead of paying attention to his mother, and wants to know what he can do about that.

The 'War On Christmas' Is Early This Year

Ho, ho, no, not again. The “War on Christmas” has arrived early, and the 700 Club is doing all it can to frighten you into believing that Christmas may cease to exist! Host Pat Robertson warns that “the Grinch is trying to steal our

Majority Report: Beat Your Wife! Says Pat Robertson

Sam Seder gives his take on the latest wingnutterty to come out of Pat Robertson's mouth, just two days after appearing on stage with Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney. I wonder if anyone is going to ask Mittens if he's down with that whole wife beating thing since he was happy to be out campaigning with this crackpot.

Pat Robertson: Adoption Fearmonger

During a recent episode of Pat Robertson's "The 700 Club," a woman who had adopted three children from three different foreign nations wrote in seeking dating advice. She explained that she's having a difficult time finding any men who will date her after she tells them about the children...

Pat Robertson: 'Demonic Possession' Related To Homosexuality

From Right Wing Watch last week, more homophobic wingnuttery from Pat Robertson -- Pat Robertson Says Homosexuality is 'Related to Demonic Possession': Today the 700 Club featured a segment on a man who tried to “change” his sexuality by