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Rep. Paul Ryan Co-Sponsors Fetal Rights Bill -- Again!

It didn't take long for grandma killer Paul Ryan's anti-choice views to rear their ugly head again so soon after a bitter defeat in November. You may remember that Paulie Muscles was virtually joined at the hip with Republican crank Todd Aiken

Marsha Blackburn Tries To Backtrack On GOP's Extreme Anti-Abortion Platform

From this Tuesday evening's Out Front with Erin Burnett, Rep. Marsha Blackburn did her best to attempt to backtrack on the Republican Party's extreme views on abortion in the wake of the Todd Akin dust up and their presumptive nominee, Mitt Romney along with the rest of the Republican establishment throwing him under the bus. The one problem for Republicans is they just passed an extreme right wing party platform in the run up to their convention this year, and Blackburn had a lot of trouble defending what she just voted on here.