Aurora, Colorado: Four Shot Dead After Standoff With Swat Team

Four people were discovered dead Saturday inside a suburban Denver home following a barricade hostage situation, which drew in a team of 40 officers. One woman reportedly escaped the townhome, although it is unclear whether or not she sustained injuries. Officials first arrived on the scene close to 3 a.m. Saturday following reports that shots had been fired inside the home.

U.S. Judge Larry Burns Makes Conservative Case For Gun Control

Lawrence O'Donnell read the entire op-ed which appeared in the L.A. Times in his rewrite segment this Thursday evening: Loughner’s Judge Makes Conservative Plea For Gun Control: Larry Alan Burns, the federal district judge in San Diego who just

Bill Moyers: Toys Better Regulated Than Guns

It's staggering to think back on how much gun violence we've seen in 2012. Bill Moyers made this video essay after the Colorado movie theater shootings, and his message bears repeating. In this web-exclusive video essay from July 2012,