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Marine Commandant - We're Not Ready For DADT Repeal

There's a lot to like about Marines. They're bright people, loyal to the Corps, strong-minded and elite warriors. Most of them are more well-versed on military history than the majority of Army soldiers. And yet, when they latch onto a bad idea,

George Friedman: Bomb Iran Before 2012

I was somewhat horrified to find out that a possible source for David Broder's article advocating that President Obama bomb Iran to shore up the economy and ensure his re-election in 2012 may have been George Friedman's recent STRATFOR column.

Neocon Invents Venezuela Nuke Threat

On the one hand, it's admirable that the Foreign Policy website offers views from both the right and the left on controversial public policy issues. On the other hand, it would be nice if they added some kind of warning label. I don't know,

Conservatism A-la 1970

( Survivor of the "Teaching Tour".) Before the GOP succumbed to the lunatic fringe, becoming a burned out shell of its former self, there was somet