C&L 2012 DonationDrive

C&L’s 2012 Donation Drive Continues

In short: C&L started small, grew big, and now we could use your help to keep that going. The political consultants have finally found a way to screw bloggers over by taking away our biggest revenue season, instead buying cheap Google ads for

C&L 2012 Donation Drive VI

We're at 25% of our goal which is great, but I understand times are tough so I'm asking all those that can afford to throw in a few bob to please help out. We have a lot of things to accomplish for the upcoming year. As you can see websites are

C&L’s 2012 Donation Drive IV

We’re coming down to the home stretch of the year 2012 and the presidential election so please dig deep if you can, because we’re working on a number of things in the upcoming months and need your help. The front page redesign is under

C&L 2012 Fundraiser: Over 330 Million Reasons To Donate

Why donate to C&L? Well, why have over 332,654,53 unique visitors (over 520,413,518 page views) come over to our site? One reason is that C&L is the first blog ever to integrate audio and video into our coverage. We came way before

C&L's 2012 Only Donation Drive Of The Year II

Our C&L end of the year fundraiser is just beginning so I hope you'll help support us as we move forward in our political/opinion/news/entertainment coverage going into next year. We need your help as usual and you've never once disappointed

C&L’s 2012 Donation Drive Finale

We’re coming down to the home stretch of the year 2012 and the presidential election. I usually do a funder earlier than this, but I hope it’s cool with you. We need a big lift from the generosity of our readers to make this drive a big