Stupidest Right-Wing Tweet Of 2012: Number 2

Every Friday until the end of the year, we're counting down the stupidest right-wing tweets of 2012. Next Friday, we'll post all the contenders so you can vote on the stupidest. So far, we've heard from Nooners, Eric Cantor and John Hawkins. And

Stupid Right-Wing Tweets: John Hawkins Edition

Even while Paul Ryan and Marco Rubio attempt to distance themselves from the 47%/Makers-Takers stuff right-wingers really believe but forgot not to say out loud, the reliably stupid John Hawkins tweets this beauty. The funny part, of course,

Etch-A-Sketch Romney Tries To Rewrite 47 Percent Remarks

Last month, Fox News was trying to pretend they weren't even aware of the leaked tapes of Mitt Romney talking about his disdain for the 47 percent when they aired his late night press conference where he was desperately attempting some damage

Ryan Calls Romney's 47 Percent Remarks A 'Misstep'

I hate to break it to Paul Ryan, but Mitt Romney's comments to that audience where he didn't know he was being recorded and made his now infamous 47 percent remarks were not a "misstep" or merely "inarticulate." They were Mitt Romney saying what he

Jim Webb Rewrites Mitt Romney's Idea Of The 47 Percent

Lawrence O'Donnell skewered Mitt Romney for his time writing love letters in the sand to Ann on the beach in France during the Vietnam war, and for being one of the few people out there to actually protest in favor of that war, while simultaneously