Romney Disavows "47%" Remarks, Makes Fools Of Right-Wingers Who Defended Him


Remember all those right-wingers who sprang to Romney's defense after his "47%" video was leaked? He just threw them under the bus.

Republican presidential nominee Mitt Romney is disavowing his controversial remarks dismissing “the 47 percent” of Americans who don’t pay federal income taxes, saying in an interview Thursday night that the comments were “just completely wrong.”

Sucks for you, Michelle Malkin.

And I think the kind of comments that he made are going to appeal to independents, the moderates that are left in this country, because they still have the same basic values that the Republican Party tried to showcase during the convention, and that Romney has been talking about and the media is ignoring: that we are having a choice here in November between an America of makers and America of takers.

And you, Joe Walsh.

Tea party-backed congressman Joe Walsh (R-IL), who is accused of failing to pay child support, recently said that Mitt Romney was right to insult 47 percent of Americans because “we have too many people in the wagon and not enough people pulling the wagon.”

And Bay Buchanan.

“What he was saying is the 47 percent is going to be voting – this is what it looks like – solid base of the president. Included in those people are people who are going to have a hard time reaching. There’s people who are dependent on government, some believe and feel they’re owed something by government and many of them don’t pay income tax, and my message doesn’t work for them. That’s all he was saying."

And Jim Geraghty.

Folks in the media are asking, “How could he say this?” Folks on the Right, who see a growing dependency mentality sucking away the nation’s drive, work ethic, and independence, are asking, “How could he say this only behind closed doors? “

As Erick Erickson wrote,

Conservatives Agree: Romney’s Right


This is what happens when you just reflexively defend everything your candidate says, no matter how offensive and stupid.

Keep it up, morans.

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