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Guess Who Wingers Blame For The Notre Dame Fire?

There's never a bad time for bad-faith "media" outlets like Breitbart to stoke fear and loathing by blaming imaginary Muslims.
Guess Who Wingers Blame For The Notre Dame Fire?
Image from: Incunabula/Twitter

The fire at Notre-Dame Cathedral in Paris is the lead story at Breitbart right now, and if it surprises you that Breitbart would be leading with something other than politics right now, you probably haven't figured out the inevitable reader reaction to the fire, as seen in the comments:

Before the embers cool, the new Mosque will be under construction.


Maybe "some people did something".


Muslims generally blow churches up. They must be on a budget these days too.


They used all their explosives in human bomb class, and there was no one left alive who knew how to detonate them!


All those other French churches vandalized lately probably have nothing to do with it !
Let’s guess a construction worker tossed a cigarette butt.


Survived the Nazis, but not rapefugees, SJW's, and Macron. Wow.


Are Mohammedans, by chance, doing the work?


Mohammedans? Work?


You are right. They always destroying churches in their third world nations during Christians' Holy Week. They were vandalizing in the first world for a while now. Now, they are now working in the first in destroying it.


Breaking news:

Ilhan Omar and Ragshida Tlaib were seen dancing on a rooftop


The renovation is being handled by Allahu Akbar Construction.
Company spokesperson, Waleed al-Farouk Akmed said they weren’t sure what caused the fire but that the structure will likely need to be razed.


"Silence"......said Akmed.....


That is why is not wise to hire non-Christians to renovate ..Christian churches... "accidental" fires can happens.


You knew they were snakes when you let them in.

This is the Trump base. It would be nice if hand-wringers such as David Frum and Bret Stephens would take a few moments out from their condemnations of Ilhan Omar and the Democrats who defend her to notice that significant percentages of the Trump electorate hate all Muslims and believe that practitioners of Islam are incapable of living in peace with the rest of us in America or other Western countries.

There is no doubt in my mind that a Hitler-style "final solution" for Muslims in America would win widespread support among the Trump base, either under this president or under a future president who combines Trump's crude racism with a burning genocidal rage and a willingness to reject all current constraints in the service of that rage. This worries me more than an indelicately worded reference to 9/11 in an obscure Ilhan Omar speech.


UPDATE: Now it's everywhere on the right.

Republished with permission from No More Mr. Nice Blog

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