2012 Presidential Debates

SNL Spoofs The Second Presidential Debate

Jason Sudeikis and Jay Pharoah were back as Gov. Mitt Romney and President Barack Obama for round two of the presidential debates in the opening of this week's Saturday Night Live. SNL's version of the debate was a bit more contentious than the real

Fox News Gunning For Candy Crowley To Be Fired

Rather than admit that their guy, Mitt Romney, didn’t just lose the last debate but specifically blew it on the right wing’s pet witch hunt of Benghazi, Fox has been trying to blame moderator Candy Crowley both as a scapegoat and as a dust cloud

The Daily Show: The Second Debate, Now Including The President

Jon Stewart gave his synopsis of this week's contentious second presidential debate, and the fact that President Obama actually showed up so that the public could get a chance to find out just how much President Obama and Mitt Romney "f**king hate