2012 Presidential Debates

Papantonio: Romney Is A Foreign Policy Disaster

From Go Left TV's Ring of Fire, Mike Papantonio with a reminder after this Monday's final presidential debate, about just who Mitt Romney is surrounding himself with as foreign policy advisers. It's George W. Bush/Dick Cheney all over

Fox News Host: 'Bayonets' Zinger Means Obama Has 'Gone Native'

Fox News host Megyn Kelly on Tueday said that President Barack Obama may have "gone native" when he mocked Republican presidential nominee Mitt Romney by pointing out that the U.S. military no longer used as many "horses and bayonets." During the

Missing From CNN's Debate Focus Group: Latinos

CNN has a group of 25 undecided voters in some room in Orlando, but not one Latino. #ThingsThatMakeYouGoHmmm — Michael Skolnik (@MichaelSkolnik) October 23, 2012 As they have with every debate, CNN ran a focus group of 25 panelists

Stupid Right-Wing Tweets: Ann Coulter Edition

How do you know Obama won last night? Because of rather sad, right-wing acting out like this. Oh, and I'm still waiting for Sarah Palin to attack Coulter for using the word, 'retard.' I know, I know -- IOKYIAR.

Opinionators Agree Obama Won Final Debate

President Obama: “Clear victory”…“Strong leader”…“Score this one for the President.” Mitt Romney: “Botched”…“Meek”…“Lost”…“Too much valium”…“Flat-out lying”…“Not claiming victory”