Fox News Gunning For Candy Crowley To Be Fired

Rather than admit that their guy, Mitt Romney, didn’t just lose the last debate but specifically blew it on the right wing’s pet witch hunt of Benghazi, Fox has been trying to blame moderator Candy Crowley both as a scapegoat and as a dust cloud of distraction. But this morning, Fox & Friends kicked both the scapegoating and the distraction up a notch by starting a new witch hunt for Crowley’s head.

For those not following the issue, Crowley halted Romney’s rude and disrespectful attack on Obama for supposedly not using the words “act of terror” for 14 days when referring to the attacks on the American consulate at Benghazi. Crowley interrupted to say that Obama had, in fact, used those words. And he did, the very next day. But on Fox News, fact-checking in a debate is bias – when the facts are not in the Republican candidate’s favor, of course. Can there be any doubt that Fox would be cheering Crowley had she done the same thing to Obama?

Now, to up the ante, Fox News contributor Tucker Carlson started calling for Crowley’s firing.

I thought this was the defining moment in the debate… I was stunned. You literally couldn’t have a more destructive moment in a debate. You couldn’t more clearly help one candidate against the other. This is the kind of moment where, you know, people’s careers are destroyed. In a normal world, you couldn’t work in journalism again after doing something like that.

Well, unless she had caught President Obama in a falsehood. In that case, she might have been offered a job at Fox News on the spot. Then she could have joined birther Heather Childers, still playing an objective news host on Fox, even after she sent a tweet asking for “thoughts” as to whether or not the Obama campaign threatened to kill Chelsea Clinton in order to keep Bill and Hillary Clinton from spilling the beans about then-candidate Barack Obama’s birth certificate. Or birther and bigot Lou Dobbs, now at Fox Business but a regular on the News Channel.

Speaking of Dobbs, Carlson was on Dobbs’ show last night where he compared Crowley to John Wilkes Booth. Now THAT'S journalism, Fox style.

Host Steve Doocy (and colleague of Childers and Dobbs) had no problem with anything Carlson said. Instead, he went on to claim that “(Crowley) had to walk it back” and “she later on debate night said, ‘Yeah, Romney was right.’”

Actually, she didn’t backtrack.

But Carlson said, “There’s the smoking gun. What’s shocking to me is, where’s the outcry from journalists? I mean, that kind of behavior, arguing the opposite case in a debate, when it really matters, on behalf of the incumbent president – that discredits journalism itself. …You would think her colleagues would be up in arms. She’s not been criticized by one working journalist outside of Fox and The Daily Caller that I’m aware of."

As Carlson spoke, Doocy interjected, “Sure.” He later asked with obvious hopefulness, “Anything happen to her?”

Carlson answered, “If she’s still working in journalism next week, it will tell you everything you need to know about the deep corruption of the American media… Where are her colleagues? Seriously!”


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