A Good Night For Dems In 2 States

Chris Cillizza: Kentucky: The biggest news of the night was in the Bluegrass State where former Lt. Gov. Steve Beshear (D) crushed Gov. Ernie Fletche

Mike's Blog Roundup

Think Moderate: Last fall, the new Congress drew in voters with the promise of lobbying reform; but now it seems as though they're going to break

Bobble Head Day

Let me know what's what... The General has some new George Allen graphics for free...

Jack Burkman: My Space Man

I'm certainly glad that my site was used to expose some truth about him... Remember new bloggers. Make sure you use graphics as much as possible. You

C&L Is An Advertiser's Dream

C&L is An Advertiser's Dream (guest blog by Taylor Marsh) What a great community converges on this blog every day. I knew that from guest bloggi