Phil Gramm

Phil Gramm: Repealing Glass-Steagall Didn't Cause Crash

Phil Gramm, who was working for the banks even before he was working for the banks (if you know what I mean), tries to do retroactive damage control after statements by Sanford Weill that it was a mistake to repeal the Glass-Steagall Act - you

GOP Declares New War On IRS Over Health Care Law

With the Affordable Care Act having passed constitutional muster, Republicans are once again targeting the Internal Revenue Service in order to deny funding for the ACA's implementation. Hoping to repeat the GOP's successful 1990's war on the

GOP War On The IRS Costs U.S. Billions

For any American concerned about the federal budget deficit, job one must be to collect all of the tax revenue owed to the United States Treasury. That's why supposed Republican deficit hawks simply aren't serious about the national debt.

Republicans Recycle Discredited 1993 Talking Points On Taxes

With Democrats proposing to set the top two income tax rates at 36% and 39.6% respectively, Republican leaders waged a ferocious battle on behalf of the wealthiest American taxpayers. Former House Majority Leader and current Tea Party moneyman

Email Of The Day

A C&Ler named mc sent in this very good e-mail about the causes of the financial meltdown we've just witnessed and the people who helped cause it. I