David Broder

Brokaw - The New King Of High Broderism

David Broder might be gone, but I think after this week, between his performance on Morning Joe playing the false equivalency game and now his excusing of Paul Ryan's lies in an extremely lame rebuttal to Newt Gingrich and Carly Fiorina's hackery on

David Broder Doesn't Get It

SHORTER David Broder: "If President Obama wants New START badly enough, he'll give Sen. Kyl everything he wants." Yeah... except Kyl was already offered a robustly funded nuclear weapons budget and promises that the treaty wouldn't hurt the

George Friedman: Bomb Iran Before 2012

I was somewhat horrified to find out that a possible source for David Broder's article advocating that President Obama bomb Iran to shore up the economy and ensure his re-election in 2012 may have been George Friedman's recent STRATFOR column.

Sarah Broder

I hope after this column, the Villagers will get together and understand like we do that it's time for Broder to hang up his column. Blessed with an