Housing Crisis

Tell The Bankers That The People Are Too Big To Fail

Occupiers, allies and community members from across the country came together in front of the DOJ to demand that Attorney General Eric Holder arrest the bankers responsible for upending the international economy through the housing crisis.

Foreclosure Horror: The Zombie Title

The Kellers are caught up in a little-known horror of the U.S. housing bust: the zombie title. Six years in, thousands of homeowners are finding themselves legally liable for houses they didn't know they still owned after banks decided it wasn't worth their while to complete foreclosures on them. With impunity, banks have been walking away from foreclosures much the way some homeowners walked away from their mortgages when the housing market first crashed.

He’s Only Stuck If He Lets Himself Be

There is a headline in the Washington Post on Sunday that completely summarizes the Republicans' fondest dreams as well as the expectations of the DC establishment's conventional wisdom: "Debt Crisis Expected to Define Obama's Second Term". In

Strategy Of 'Foaming The Runway' For Banks Didn't Work

I can't believe the administration - especially Tim Geithner - is still trying to excuse their ineptitude on the housing crisis. I mean, we've read the books from administration insiders like Sheila Bair and Neal Barofsky since they've left, and