Kathleen Parker

Thomas Roberts: ‘Republican Men’ Far Too Worried About ‘the Sanctity Of Sperm’

From this Wednesday's Morning Joe, MSNBC's Thomas Roberts got one of their regulars, Nicole Wallace pretty flustered when he gave her some push back against the piling on we've seen against Texas state Sen. Wendy Davis and her recent filibuster and reminded her that Republican men have got some real issues when it comes to women's reproductive rights.

Kathleen Parker: Republicans Can't Give On Taxes Because It Would Damage Their Brand

Republicans have done a whole lot of things to damage their "brand" and still haven't figured out what to do to quit being the "stupid party" after their losses in the last election, but note to Kathleen Parker -- refusing to raise taxes in order to lower the budget deficit is not one of them. The majority of their own constituents don't agree with them on this issue, but that didn't stop Parker from pretending it would damage them on this Sunday's Meet the Press:

Chuck Todd Accuses Obama Campaign Of Swiftboating Romney

Here we go again. Earlier in the week we had Joe Klein repeating this nonsense. Now it was Chuck Todd filling in for Chris Matthews on his weekend show, making the claim that the Obama campaign is somehow “Swiftboating” Mitt Romney. TODD: