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There is a rumor going around at a big liberal web site that Chuck Hagel once took money rom an organization called "Friends with Benefits of Hitlers and Hamases." A rumor I just created in the previous sentence. A rumor that every true Breitbartian now completely believes.

Dagblog: President Obama is not giving me the access I deserve. I have important questions!

Women's Media Center: This year, 140 men were nominated for Academy Awards, compared to 35 women. Oscar's misogyny continues.

The Frisky: Sorry, Good Men Project, your latest piece about how women shouldn't be wearing yoga pants means you're now officially a Men's Rights Activist web site.

Grist: Every single megawatt of new generating capacity added in the U.S. last month was renewable. Every single one.

Finally, come on, who amongst us doesn't love oil?

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