NPC reinvites bloggers to watch GannonGuckert panel, so long as we promise to be good

via AmericaBlog

Yes, so long as we promise to be good children, daddy will let us sit at the big table (wonder if we get a phone book?). Perhaps even more annoying is the comment from National Press Club vice president Jonathan Salant that I (John Aravosis) personally "can feel good about the fact that his [my] work on highlighting Gannon led directly to the NPC event." Gee, thanks. I'd like to feel swell, but I don't.

You see, the thing is, I already knew that my work, and the work of other blogs like , Eschaton, World O Crap, CrooksAndLiars.com, MediaMatters.org and countless other online gonzos, led to the NPC's panel on GannonGuckert. The problem has always been that the National Press Club never realized it - until now, so it would seem. It's hardly helpful to hear that our work actually DID lead to the panel happening, but that they're still excluding us from the panel itself. Perhaps they thought we'd throw our peas...read on

Does anyone see a huge (no pun intended) ego here? It's incredible to me not to have the blogger appear on the panel that knows more than anyone, except of course Jimmy/Jeff himself about the topic being discussed. Is this an out of control press club?


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