Gingrich Has Lost His Mind

via Armando: Newt Gingrich calls for censure of Senator Durbin: Newt Gingrich dares speak of honor? One of the most dishonorable men of our times dares to seek the censure of the opinions of a United States Senator spoken on the Senate floor?!?!? WTF?!?

John Cole says: Put down the kool-aid for a second. Do ill-recieved remarks really rise to the level of censure? Of course not. Newt Gingrich and anyone who approves of this is an idiot. I am really sick and tired of the curent inpulse driving the Republican party to criminalize or punish anything they disagree with.

More nonsense: Bloggers For Censure: Censure remains the only appropriate response to Durbin's nonsense.

Prediction: Hugh Hewitt will soon join the gravey train: "Chris Wallace is softening the reaction among the vast, vast majority of Americans."

The vast majority must be the number of people who bought his book.


When the party is being run by zealots, this sort of behavior becomes commonplace throughout the ranks. I guess we could start a censure site for Rick Santorum. One for Tom Delay. One for John Cornyn. How about Bill " cat killer " Frist for diagnosing video tapes. You'll see some of the right side of the blogosphere begin to jump on this issue so they can try to distance themselves from the Schiavo matter, Iraq and Social Security.

Talk Left posts: Newt Gingrich Jumps on Sen. Dick Durbin : As an aside, why does Gingrich write his letter with the letterhead of "Office of Speaker Newt Gingrich." He hasn't been in Congress, let alone the House Speaker, for years.


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