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I need a break from politics

John Cole posted on this yesterday. Yes I am a Buffy and Angel fan. Own all the seasons on DVD. Joss Whedon is a phenomenal writer ( Toy Story oscar nomination ) I've always felt that if the series were called: "The Slayer" it would have attracted a far greater audience. Buffy is being taught in Pop Culture classes now.

What I find is that in the last several years women are much more interesting characters to watch as hero figures on TV or in the movies for that matter. It started for me with Emma Peels , but Buffy took the mantle in the late 90's and w/o the series would Alias have ever been made? Sydney is really Buffy without the mystical aspects built in. Actually two former Buffy and Angel writes were hired for this last season. (Update)-Great article in USA TODAY "Holding out for a heroine"on women as leads in the new action films.

John is on Season Five which I liked. He was asking for "Cool v. Uncool" Anyone care to weigh in? If you do "No spoilers" I will say that "Faith" ( Eliza Dushku ) needs her own series. The choice Eliza made of Tru Calling is a big mistake. Maybe when she stops getting the "bad" girl rolls on B-movies she'll realize that a Faith series would catapult her career. By the time she turns 30, the series would be over and she'd be doing A movies projects like Sarah.

Since I've seen Season V, I won't say much. My favorite Seasons are II and III.

Here's Cole's picks:

Buffy's sister- uncool
Giles's new car- cool
Xander tired of being everyone's 'bitch'- cool
Riley- still uncool
Buffy in pink leather pants- cool
Spike only having cameos- uncool
My still missing the bitchy, whiny, shallow, obnoxious, and insufferable Cordelia (BEST. BUFFY. CHARACTER. EVER. Spike and Drusilla are a close second) even though she has been gone a season- uncool.
Xander's Demonic girlfriend- very cool


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