Bill O'Reilly Schooled By A Canadian

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There's this big obsession with many right wingers over the words that the UK and Canada are using to describe the London attack. Their take seems to be that if you characterize things differently than they would like, you are giving aid and comfort to the enemy. Antonia Zerbisias ( I don't really know anything about her politics ) debated Bill on this" crucial" element to the war on terror. It seems our neighbors from the north aren't playing the word game.

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You know all about Bill and his French boycott and his threatened Canadian boycott, well Antonia did something that so few guests do before appearing on his and may other 24/7 shows. She came prepared.

You know Bill thought he had a pansy. It opened up with:

Bill: How do you define terrorism as a columnist? How do you define it? ( I guess he thought she might say that there really aren't terrorists in the world, but only misunderstood souls.)

Antonia : Well I think really the question is how do you define terrorism Bill? I define them as acts of violence against civilians, how do you define it?

Bill: No I think that would be fair... ( it went downhill from there for the falafel man ) Bill did try to play the 9/11 card with her, but she hit him with the Contra card which then forced Bill to go to the American Revolution. lol Of course Bill is all up in arms over Canadian tax payer gets worse for Bill.

Antonia: Just for the record through the entire, horrible IRA bombings the BBC never once called them terrorists....

Bill: I don't know if that's true

Antonia: It's actually true, when the producer called me today to discuss my coming on the show, I actually did some research and looked it up....

She looked it up Bill! What say you?

Bill:That IRA thing is interesting, I'm going to do some research as well...

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(Update)-I haven't had time to research her, but what impressed me was the way she handled herself. If you think she was fuzzy with the facts, try to remember O'Reilly and the Paris Review.


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