Arlen Specter’s Revenge On James Dobson

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Arlen Specter's revenge on James Dobson

Arlen Specter and Pat Leahy came out yesterday on This Week and raised the possibility that James Dobson was going to have to answer some questions about his conversations with Karl Rove on Harriet Miers nomination.

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It's not surprising that Specter will be calling James Dobson before his committee. First of all it's the right thing to do. Secondly, after the presidential election it was James Dobson that ripped into Specter on This Week and tried to block him from being the chairman on the Committee for the Judiciary.

Specter the day after the presidential election:

Specter: When you talk about ahh-judges who would change the right of a women to choose-overt urn Roe v. Wade. I think that is unlikely and I have said that bluntly during the course of the campaign and before...

Dobson in Nov. 04' on This Week (loose transcript): "Senator Specter is a big time problem for us and we’re very concerned about him. I campaigned against him...the comment that was made was one of the most foolish and ill-considered comments that a politician has made in a long time--he is a problem and he must be derailed."

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They also despise Arlen because he is a champion of stem cell research and of course there is Robert Bork. Arlen talks about Dobson's remarks on Face The Nation 11/04- icon Download wmp only

Do you think Arlen Specter has a little derailing of his own to perform?


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