Cafferty On Specter's New NSA Court Review

TSR-Cafferty-NSA.jpg Cafferty knows that the elections are coming and Specter has done what we have expected. I'll get a good video clip out of Lindsey Graham, if he gets the jitters again from all the caffeine he drinks before he starts his defense of the administration.

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Cafferty: Interesting political development today, Wolf. The White House has now agreed, apparently, to a court review of the NSA domestic eavesdropping program. That’s big of them, don’t you think? Senator Arlen Specter says President Bush will sign a bill that would authorize the FISA court to review the constitutionality of the program. Specter says this is “a recognition by the President that he does not have a blank check.” But Democratic Senator Patrick Leahy calls the legislation “an interesting bargain”.

Leahy says it’s like the President saying, “If you do every single thing I tell you to do, then I’ll do what I should’ve done anyway.” Leahy’s making reference, of course, to the laws that are already on the books about all of this, which up to this point have been ignored by the Administration. Meanwhile, the White House says it doesn’t think any of this is necessary, but it’s willing to work with Congress. Can you tell the midterm elections are getting closer?

Jane Harman takes a surprisingly tough stand against Specter and this measure:

In a separate interview, Representative Jane Harman of California, the ranking Democrat on the House Intelligence Committee, said she saw the Specter-White House agreement as an “end run” around the FISA law requiring the approval of individual wiretapping warrants.

“I have great respect for this guy,” she said of Mr. Specter, “but he hasn’t been briefed on this program, and he’s giving away in this legislation a core Fourth Amendment protection by basically saying that the FISA court has permission to bless the entire program, which will abandon, as best I can tell, the requirement of individualized warrants.”

(h/t Mike)

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