(Update below) Here comes Matt "The Eggman" Drudge to (Mr. Predatorgate) Mark Foley's defense. He uses that age old "attack the me
October 1, 2006

Drudge, Matt.jpg (Update below) Here comes Matt "The Eggman" Drudge to (Mr. Predatorgate) Mark Foley's defense. He uses that age old "attack the messenger" conservative technique-only in a creepier way. He says the congressional pages are just as responsible because of Youtube and pop culture and how dare they egg him on like that. They are just 16 and 17 year old beasts after all and not innocent little babies who are engaged in a conspiracy against poor, old Foley. What kind of beast does that make the 52 year old Foley?

icon Download -MP3 They are 16 and 17 year old beasts... (31 seconds)

icon Download -MP3-It was two ways ladies and gentleman ( oh Matt, that's why we have Predator laws. To protect them from the Foley's. I just thought you should know) (40 seconds)

icon Download -MP3--He'd feel better if they were 8 or something....

icon Download -MP3- They will regulate the Internet now...That's really all this is.

(h/t Robert)


Jane's got the transcipts done of the audio:

I swear I am not making this up. Listen to it. Drudge is so f*&^king sick it's really, really disturbing, but to know he's doing it on behalf of the official Bush-Hastert-Boehner-Reynolds GOP coverup is the truly demented part. No limits to how low they will go. Absolutely no limits...read on

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