Biden: Name One Single Time Cheney's Been Correct

Carl Levin and Joe Biden appeared on Fox News Sunday with Chris Wallace yesterday to discuss the situation in Iraq. Who knew Fox would invite two Democrats to speak unopposed? Chris Wallace sets up the familiar Rovian framing that the Democratic plan is playing right into Bin Laden's hands by playing a clip of Cheney. But good ol' Joe was ready for the pitch and knocks it right out of the park.

All you Democrats, pay attention, this is what you should be saying EVERY time you're on the air.

Thanks to TheAmericanMaxim for the video

SilentPatriot made vids for those unable to access YouTube

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WALLACE: "Sen. Biden, I know this is not your intent, but in fact, wouldn't your resolution send a message that would embolden our enemies and discourage our troops in the field?"

BIDEN: "Absolutely not. And not only does Carl Levin and Joe Biden and Senator Hagel and Senator Snowe but the Joint Chiefs of Staff, the Iraqi Study Group, every single person out there that is of any consequence thinks, knows the Vice President doesn't know what he's talking about. I can't be more blunt than that. He is yet to be right one single time on Iraq. Name me one single time he's been correct. It's about time we stop listening to that ideological rhetoric and Bin Laden and the rest. Bin Laden isn't the issue here, but Bin Laden will become the issue. The issue is there's a civil war, Chris..."


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