Glenn Greenwald Exposes Frank Gaffney

glennsalon.jpg (graphic via Zach Trenholm) On Alan Colmes' radio show last night, Glenn Greenwald debated Frank Gaffney on his disgraceful article in The Washington Times wherein he argues -- after opening with with a widely-discredited & fabricated quote -- that dissent during war time is treasonous. Glenn and Alan had him immediately backpeddling and it only got better from there, with Colmes even chiding Gaffney at one point for violating FCC rules and cursing at Glenn.


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Gaffney's babbling about the Iraq Survey Group is worth noting since it seems to be the last refuge of the reality-denying True Believers. Contrary to Gaffney's insistence that Saddam did indeed have WMD, the group's report concluded nothing of the sort . What it did say is that Saddam retained dual-use capabilities that could have possibly been used to start rebuilding weapons in the future. That's a far cry from saying he (a) had them and (b) threatened us with them. It really is quite remarkable to see how the remaining factions of the Bush movement try to reconcile their pre-war rhetoric with the post-war realities. Remember, before the war Vice President Cheney said: "Simply stated, there is no doubt that Saddam Hussein now has weapons of mass destruction." In Gaffney's world, there is nothing untrue about that statement. Even still today.

UPDATE: Glenn comments further on last night's debate.


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