Oprah, What Gives?

billoreilly-ow.jpgoprahw.jpg Oprah Winfrey devoted a show to kidnapped children and some of the consequences that they face. One segment included a story about a man named Todd, who was abducted and spent 18 horrifying months in the clutches of Terry Roy Holman. Read about it here.

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Why Oprah would have on Bill O'Reilly to discuss any facet of the Shawn Hornbeck case is beyond me. Didn't her staff know that Bill blamed Shawn for sticking around with his abductor because he just wanted to have some fun? You know, it was a lot cooler to stay with his captor than go to school. She seemed to know that O'Reilly spoke out about that case. To allow O'Reilly to give millions of Oprah's fans the impression that he's an expert on Shawn's case after he trashed him so despicably was shocking to me. (see this, and this also.)

A little research would have told the OWS that Bill's scheduled speech was cancelled at the National Center for Missing Kids dinner because of his outrageous behavior in the Hornbeck case. Suddenly, Bill is an expert on Child sexual abuse accommodation syndrome? (He's not big on the Stockholm syndrome.) It's outrageous that Oprah asked Bill to educate her audience about it (which included his patented over the top rant). You might have thought Oprah would have asked Bill to verify this statement he made about Shawn:

O"Reilly: I'm not buying this….If you have a strong bond with your family…even if the guy threatens you–this and that. You're riding your bike around, you got friends. The kid didn't go to school. There's all kinds of stuff. If you can get away, you get away Alright, if you're eleven."

O'Reilly's trying to rehabilitate his image about child abuse and the Oprah Winfrey Show gladly accommodated him. Isn't it funny how he attacks what he perceives to be liberal talk shows, but reaches out to them in his time of need? They should have done a better job than that...Send an email here...


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