Calling Howard Kurtz

I'll be sitting by my computer waiting to read Howard Kurtz's piece on the hatred that filled the right wing blogs like LGF about President Carter.

Let us first recall that LGF's Charles Johnson was one of the leaders of the Outrage Brigade driving the big "story" -- that made it into virtually every national media outlet -- of how anonymous HuffPost commenters expressed sorrow that the bombing in Afghanistan did not result in Dick Cheney's death.

Remember this post? More Greenwald:

Yet here are multiple comments from Johnson's standard, regular followers -- all of whom have to register as LGF users, a device Johnson uses to ban commenters of whom he disapproves -- expressing explicit support for Al Qaeda's plot against President on

Kurtz had no problem attacking The Huffington Post which was fueled by right wing blogs over the anonymous comments that were left on Arianna's site.

This is really sick. I know we're living in a polarized time. I know there are people who absolutely detest George Bush and Dick Cheney. I know they like to vent their spleen online, sometimes in vulgar terms, and hey, that's life in a democracy...

This time, it's Charles Johnson from LGF, (who has appeared on Reliable Sources.) that has a commenting problem. What say you---Howard? Will you have a big write up in your "Media Notes" column about this for the sake of balance? Email Howard Kurtz here and ask him if he'll "comment," but be nice...And don't forget that he chats every Monday at noon on the front page of the Washington Post.

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