Fox News Sunday: "Where's The Smoking Gun?"


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Sen. Russ Feingold appeared on Fox News Sunday and as a member of the Senate Judiciary Committee, was asked by Chris Wallace whether this whole drawn out mess of 8 months and 8500 pages isn't just some political theater...

WALLACE: But you know, I think the question is, is this really going anywhere? Is this substantive oversight or is this political theater?

I mean, the point is on the U.S. attorneys which we're talking about, six-month, seven-month investigation, 8,500 pages of documents, 14 witnesses, and you say yourself as a member of Senate Judiciary you haven't found any hard evidence that the White House has broken the law.

FEINGOLD: Well, I happen to think they probably did break the law here, but I don't think the investigation is over, and...

WALLACE: But do you have any evidence of that?

FEINGOLD: ... until we -- well, that's why we're asking for people like Karl Rove and others to come down and testify so we can actually examine the evidence.

We haven't had access to the evidence. How are you supposed to examine it when you can't look at it?

THIS is political theater? What was the Whitewater investigation? You know, the one that FOXNews cheerleaded through that took six YEARS (not months, Chris), cost $64 million dollars, expanded from one discrete issue to an overarching "truth commission" that could still only nail President Clinton for lying about an extra-marital affair?

Ah, the bliss of rabid means your memory never need be longer than what suits your cause.

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