Take My Media, Please?

What's that Henny Youngman joke? Take my wife, please? Well, take our media and shove it. The Left Coaster exposes the lies that Russert used on Hillary about the Clinton archives during MSNBC's debate last week.

eriposte points out that even though president Clinton subsequently explained that his request (from five years ago) was to speed up the release of documents, NBC stood by its biased and misleading question which implied that Senator Clinton was hiding something. What a surprise.

But an astute reader pointed something else out to me about this question:

Correct me if I'm wrong........has anyone asked a VP running for the presidency to disclose his confidential communications with the president? Did they ask Bush I to talk about his conversations with Reagan?

I've said this over and over again. The media will treat Democrats much harsher than Republicans from here on in. I've been listening to the media tell us all week that's it's just fine to attack Hillary because she's the front runner. Can you at least use facts? Is that asking too much? Giuliani has been the front runner for the GOP, but when has he been sandbagged? Read Digby's full post, but she finishes up with this:

Reforming politics isn't enough. Reforming the media is just as important. The current administration is so power mad, morally bankrupt and inept that their natural heir is a barking madman. (And some excellent reporting has been done to expose them.) But the Village kewl kidz and the queen bees who set the political agenda and dominate the coverage have never found any of that interesting or worthwhile. They care about their silly little shorthand parlor games that they think reveal politicians' "character." And their judgment of character is about as useful to the average voter as Brittney and K-Fed's.

They are a huge problem and I can't see how this country can pull out of this spiral until this is dealt with.


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