Mike's Blog Round Up

I'm Manila Ryce, and today is my final round-up. You can catch me at my own blog, The Largest Minority, after today.

If being a perpetual liar is cool, then the Neocons are Miles Davis. It's almost as difficult to get 100% incorrect on a multiple choice exam as it is to get 100% correct, so perhaps they do deserve some credit for being so consistently wrong.

Groups of poor people fighting each other over pennies isn't just the latest reality show from Fox, it's the strategy of the American bourgeoisie. Samurai Frog is a dirt poor blogger, and as such, would like to share a crazy street corner rant on immigration with you.

If you're looking for a non-profit, non-partisan quiz with the sole intention of informing voters, Glassbooth.org can fix your itch. You can see where every candidate stands on every issue in relation to you, and then curse the fact that the "electable" frontrunners are the furthest from everyone's positions.

I've linked him previously, but you can never get enough Noam Chomsky. In conjunction with this post, Chomsky asks " Do the Democrats have a different answer on Iran?" Here's a spoiler alert: With the exception of Kucinich and Gravel, the answer is no.

Denial ain't just a river in Egypt. It's a strategy for Iraq. The civilian death toll is higher than that of Darfur, yet we refrain from describing the holocaust in Iraq as genocide for political reasons. Holocaust denial is always acceptable for America when it's politically inconvenient. Just ask the Armenians.

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