The O'Reilly Fetish: Falafel Boy Hearts Torture

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Some days, it literally gives me a migraine to have to watch Bill O'Reilly. This is one of those days...

On the heels of his ridiculous Talking Points Memo where he accuses the "hate America" crowd of rejoicing in the news of the destroyed CIA torture tapes--a statement that just reeks of the dumbing down of the electorate, Billo brings on GW Law professor Jonathan Turley to discuss the lawlessness of the tapes. Billo sees this as an opportunity to talk about how wimpy the left is and how accommodating they are to those scary terrorists. When Turley objects to us becoming those we're allegedly fighting by adopting their tactics.

But big, bad, macho Billo will have none of him carefully, he's actually getting visibly excited at the thought of torturing, something I don't think I could be as silent about as Turley is.

You know, Bill, if you had a shred of intellectual honesty, I'd say you'd make a perfect candidate for your "Pinheads & Patriots" segment. And for what it's worth, being for torture is NOT a patriotic stance.

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