FNS: Furthering Wingnut Memes One Viewer Letter At A Time

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Ah...the beauty of showing viewers letters without comment...you can go ahead and further your memes from behind a firewall of "but the viewer said it, not us!" Still sore that the Democratic presidential contender has the good sense to stay away from the stacked deck of White House propagandists that make up the FOX News channel, Fox News Sunday's producers call Barack Obama chicken and do the tired "if he can't face FOX, how can he face Ahmadinejad?"

Hmmm....I don't know what's sadder, that FOX News thinks they're on par with meeting with a world leader (after all, Obama has already said that he's willing to sit down to talk to world leaders) or that Obama thinks he'll get a fairer shake dealing with someone like Ahmadinejad than with a hack like Chris Wallace.

All I know is that either way you look at it, FOX News doesn't come out looking good at all.


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